Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ardley, Jennifer Core French
Webber, Heather ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
De Siqueira, Ravenna ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Elson, Heidi Gr 1 (FI)
Stary-Brown, Barbara Gr 1 (FI) (50%)
O'Connell, Marianne Gr 1/2 (FI)
Payne, Tara Gr 2
Chiasson, Courtney Gr 2 (FI) (50%)
Ayres, Rhonda Gr 2 (FI) (50%) Website
MacFarlane, Sandy Gr 2/3
Hobbs, Lori Gr 3
Landrigan, Mary Ellen Gr 3 (FI)
Gibbon, Patricia Gr 3/4
MacLean, Alannah Gr 3/4 (FI)
Marshall, Melissa Gr 4 (20%) Gr 3 (20%)
Ross, Kelly Gr 4 (80%) Website
Tortola, Lauren Gr 4 (FI)
Finch, Maureen Gr 4/5 (FI)
Cannon, Andrea Gr 5
O'Hearn, Holly Gr 5 Website
Pyke, Alana Gr 5 (FI) Website
Vinson, Ridley Music
MacDonald, Tim Phys Ed
Walsh , Stephanie PR (FI)
Ward, Andrea PR/1
Smith-Philips, Heather PR/1
Van Wageningen, Deanne PR/1 (FI)

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Hart, Karen ECE-Pre Primary Support
Hunt, Tracey ECE-Pre Primary Support
Anderson, Scott EPA
Burtch-Crumpler, Carolyn EPA
Edmunds, Samantha EPA
Povoliaeva, Lioudmila EPA
White, Beth EPA
Wood, Sara EPA
McMillan, Jen Learning Center
Currie-MacDonald, Dawn Learning Centre
Nason-Tracy, Lorraine Librarian
Stary-Brown, Barbara Resource (FI)
Marsh, Sarah Resource P-3
Green, Wendy School Social Worker
Murray, Rachel Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-719-7181
LeBlanc, Isaac Schools Plus Facilitator 902-225-0767
Meagher, Adele Violin Website


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Mills, Lynn Principal 902-860-4163
Richardson, Susan School Counsellor 902-860-4163
Eisenhauer , Helen Secretary 902-860-4163
Starratt, Jason Vice Principal 902-860-4163