Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary

Week at a Glance Mon. December 07

Dear Families,

Although parent-teacher interviews looked much different than they have in the past, we thank families for taking the time to connect with teachers.

Covid 19:

With 11 days left before the holidays, we will continue to remain very diligent, ensuring that all Covid procedures are followed. We also ask that families remain vigilant at home, continuing to monitor for symptoms and completing a daily health check. A reminder that if your child is sick, they must remain at home until they are symptom free and can go 24 hours without needing medication to help manage their illness/symptoms. If you child develops a cough and or fever, please contact 811 immediately

Dressing for the Weather:

Recently we have been gifted with some mild days, which tricks us into thinking that hoodies are enough to keep us warm. With cooler winter weather on our door step, we remind families of the importance of dressing appropriately for all weather conditions- Hats, mittens and Jackets are important items to bring to school each day as we are outside 3 times a day.

Arriving on Time:

As mentioned last week in our Week at a Glance, arriving on time is very important and helps children transition into their day smoothly without an interruption to their learning and that of others. Last week we noticed a decrease in the number of students arriving later than 8:10. We really appreciate families working together, helping to ensure that children arrive on time.

A message from the Fall River Lions Express:

In lieu of non-perishable food donations, the Fall River Lions Express are looking for monetary donations so they can support local families with a turkey dinner, holiday brunch and a gift card to purchase food. If you are able to donate and help local families, please click on the following link:

We hope that you all have a great week. Thank you for your continued support!

Staff safe and well!

Your ALJ Admin Team

Dates to Remember:

December 22nd- Last day before Holidays

January 4th- Students return from Holidays