Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary


Ash Lee Jefferson welcomes volunteers in the school. Volunteers are needed in many areas such as Safe Arrival, the library, classroom helpers, the cafeteria, Parent Teacher Organization, School advisory Council, chaperones on school trips, and various school activities (after school activities like running club, Field Day etc)

The Halifax Regional School Board requires that all volunteers must have completed and have on file in the school office. These forms are valid for 3 years. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to be aware of the time frame and expiry date of the checks..
- a Criminal Records check  accompanied by school letter. (Both can be obtained from the school office). Please check the RCMP website as the requirements maybe changed in the future. The cost for this is the responsibility of the volunteer.

- Child Abuse Registry Search. Please check the website for information.
The form is also available from the school office. As of June 2014 there is
no cost for this and processing time is about 10 -12 days.

Please read the following information regarding volunteering at Ash Lee Jefferson as part of the Halifax Regional School Board.